Custom Neon Sign, LED Neon Sign, Neon Light Sign

  • 5-7 days shipping. We work with FedEx and DHL, not USPS.
  • Very durable. The neon sign will keep working even if you drop it from 50 Feet(4th floor) high.
  • Dimmer included, you can adjust the brightness of the neon sign for your business environment.
  • Our design team will work with you for free. You can always amend the design until you are delighted.
  • Special LED lights last 100,000 hours, 8X lifetime than others.
  • Heat-free LED and highly safe when working.
  • 12V power source, thoroughly tested, totally risk-free.
  • 2-year warranty.
100% handmade soap bar

Neon Signs Pro - Professional Neon Signs Maker

Thousands of Happy Customers

We've worked with thousands of customers on neon signs for their business, home usage, or events, like birthday parties, wedding parties, etc. We are very experienced and professional on neon signs.

Price Of Custom LED Neon Sign

30 Inches(50cm)$189
24 Inches(60cm)$229
30 Inches(75cm)$319
40 Inches(100cm)$399
50 Inches(125cm)$559
60 Inches(150cm)$649
80 Inches(200cm)$939
100 Inches(250cm)$1139
120 Inches(300cm)$1259

* Prices may vary due to the complexity of the design